Thursday, August 31, 2006


A young man goes over to his girlfriend's house to meet her family and enjoy some supper. However, he is a very nervous guy and the stress of the situation plus the meal he had just consumed were playing a cruel game on his intestines. He needed to let go of some gas pressure and finally let one slip by silently.

The girls dad apparently smelled the evidence and looked at the dog under the young man's chair and yelled "Damn it Fido, get out of there!" The young man was pleased that he had a scapegoat for his gastric abomination and felt comfortable enough to release a little more of the noxious substance into the air.

Again the father yelled "Fido, get the hell out of there!" The boy was becoming increasingly secure in the situation and finally let a bit more out.

As the smell hit the father's nose for the third time he shouted "Fido, seriously, get the hell out from under that chair before the boy shits on you!"

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