Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Almost done...

Do I ever hate work... 7 days left. Each and every minute that I'm there drags by like a little miniature eternity. The closer I get to the end the longer it seems to take to get here. I wish I could just quit now, tell that smug ass bitch of a manager to suck it. Who gives a shit if I'm 5 minutes late? You have 20 other people back there in a 5 square foot area... make sure I get packed in there too to do the zero work I have. Its not enough that I stay there till about 5 after msot days, or that I don't get a coffee break. My half hour lunch is rarely taken in full. This job sucks.

Plus... why the fuck should I be running the till when there is a tech or 'cashier' on duty who is paid to do that job.... should they not be doing that instead of talking to patients... which happens to be my job? Fuck you Drugstore Pharmacy.

End rant.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

I hate you for not coming to Folkfest on a friday night and leaving Michelle and I to some creepy dudes. I did everything short of calling them cousinfuckers, which, now to think of it, I should have done.
Also, I hate you for not being online at 2:09 AM so that we can girl-talk about the past weekends' events.

The Master of the Universe

Come visit my store grand-opening tomorrow, we can hang-out with old people (they fucking love me y'know...).