Sunday, November 26, 2006

Destination: Cancun

It is now 20 sleeps or 'siestas' until I get to Cancun. For one week I will not have to:

1) Start my car in -20

2)Not get my car to start in -20

3)Scrape my windows or brush snow off my car

4)Bitch about the weather

5)Dig my balls out of my chest cavity after taking a short walk

6)Negotiate a sidewalk so I don't end up with a bruised ass or broken arm

The list can go on and on, but they all have one common theme... I am winter free for a week. Thats only the icing on the cake, however dear readers. This week on the beach will be a reward for four and half years of school (see previous post). Although it will be a great week, still will be something missing from it, I'm sure.

Not much else to say about that. I guess...

Check out this beach, that'll be where I get my drink with an umbrella served to me... while you freeze you ass off up here. Sucker.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

After 4 1/2 years of daily classes on the U of S campus, I can finally see the end of the road. On December 4th, 2006 I will attend my last class. FUCK YEAH. I will remember fondly the hours I spent napping in Thorv 110 and 124 during some boring ass lecture on ethics or health policy as well as those comfy black couches down in the lounge. Actually I think the lounge will be the only thing I will miss... and the people, of course. Oh, and the quick access to not one, but two Tim Horton's. Unfortunately I won't be able to casually stroll down on my five minute break to lose yet another round of Roll Up the Rim. I should have just bought the damned Rav 4 with all the money I've spent on coffee... but of course then I wouldn't have had the experience of ruining my kidneys and building a dangerously high tolerance to that wonderful drug known as caffeine.

I will potentially be spending more time there, though. If I open that magic envelope tomorrow that informs me that I got my choice placements I will be spending roughly 2 1/2 months there again. Likely, I'll be stuck in Kindersley or Moose Jaw, but who knows.

Anyways, its been a good run at the University of Sask, and I'll miss it, but only as much as one can when they're a degree holding health care professional making a living. That's right, not very fucking much.

Friday, November 10, 2006

When Superheroes Retire

Good ol' Wonder Woman. Now that she's not busy saving lives, she's been kind of lonely, sitting at home and watching Oprah in the afternoons.

Just kind of thought this picture was funny, hope you agree.

Peace homies.

Midterms Suck

I've decided that midterms suck. Not that this is a stunning reveleation, I'm sure many people have reached this conclusion without a single ounce of my input, but there it is... midterms suck.

It just so happens that the next midterm I write on Tuesday, therapeutics, is the last of my undergraduate career. You'd think I'd be happy for this day to come and be eagerly studying to cram every last ounce of knowledge into my head to perform well on this final mid year evaluation. You would be wrong. I fucking hate every last minute of this studying and will find any excuse not to do it.

Top 10 ways to procrastinate:

1. Clean my bathroom - although this desperately needs to be done, it hasn't been until midterms come up.

2. Drink - getting a bit of a buzz relieves the stress of those unopened books on my mind. Playing drunk Balderdash is even more fun with even less book opening.

3. I'm bored with this, I think I'm gonna go watch a movie or get drunk.

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Caption Contest #2

Dear Fans:

Do you wish that you could share in my glory and feel the pride and sense of wonder that comes from being me? Well too fucking bad. A distant second, however, is to get your name on my site by participating in the second ever caption contest. Simply add a comment under this post regarding the picture that I have posted. Make sure to leave your name; 'Anonymous' is not allowed to claim any prizes. I'll rate them based on the results of my patented badass-o-meter. Participate or die bitter and alone.

Death of a Pumpkin

Like any normal person I carved a pumpkin for Hallowe'en... together with Lance's it sat quietly glaring at those who approached my abode, warning them that they would have to face unspeakable horrors to obtain the candy within. After the date had passed, my lazy ass was too... well, lazy, to throw it out. They were both frozen and I thought they looked good alongside Carl, my zombie decoration, so I left them there.

To my shock and amazment I was informed by my sister that my pumpkin had been smashed out on the street last night. Lance's remained, lonely and wishing for his comrade's return... and wait he shall remain. Well, waited, till he was thrown out too. I'm assuming those damn punk kids took my pumpkin, or Brenda, I'm not sure who. Why just mine? The world may never know. So, in loving memory, I post this picture of Lance and me with our pumpkins. Rest in peace, little soldier, you're in a better place now. Here we are on Hallowe'en with our scary ass temp tattoos, I mean real cuts and scars, looking serious about how bad ass our pumpkins are.

Mutherfucking Turd

I always hate when I pick up a car and find a turd in the back seat. Thank you Wanda Sykes for calling those bastards at Honda on their indiscretions. "Smells like you sold yo ass to the devil!"

Nazi Felines

You know when you see a cat that just looks like 20th dictator? This site shows a variety of cats that look like Hitler. Check it out.