Friday, September 1, 2006

New Ride?

Well, as some of you may know or even care about... back in July I slammed into the back of a Monte Carlo on Idylwyld. It wasn't icy, rainy or even really sunny. I think I mostly did it to shut my mom up - she was complaining about how I follow too close to cars or some shit like that. Anywho, I totalled off my grandparents, rest their souls, 1995 Dodge Spirit*. The air bag went off and smacked me in the face... insert joke here... which filled the car up with dust or some shit that I, in the fog of war, assumed was fire. I couldn't see, my face hurt and my mom was screaming (apparently the accident just provoked her more!)

Long story short, my car sucks ass now, I can't pop the hood and its leaking oil yet mysteriously still runs. Yesterday I lost the headlight that was hanging by a cable which I normally wedged back under the crumpled hood. Who knows where it is, but if you see one, free headlight, eh?
SGI wasn't much help and the dude there couldn't tell me much, but I finally got off my procrastinating ass and took my claim to a body shop. Which brings me to today. (Read on, this is where it gets juicy)

So today Lance and I are looking for cars. I bought a good ol' Auto Trader and we eagerly flipped the pages. Actually, I'm car retarded and pretty much just let Lance tell me what to get. We found a pretty good looking VW Jetta, 2000, good shape, etc etc. Fuck, its nice. However, the guy who owns it went out of town and I couldn't test drive it today, but I'm crossing my fingers. We moved on to a 2004 Chevy Optra which was curiously under priced for the condition it was in, but I think I'll chalk it up to the sweaty ethnic man who was driving it. I'm sure he was good to it, but fuck, where is this guy from, you know?

Finally, we drove two Grand Am's, a 2004 and 2000. Both drove nicely and looked in good shape. As another weird coincidence both were being sold because the guys had bought mini vans for their kids. And... they only lived 2 blocks away, weird if you think about it. --Pause to think about it--- --- Longer pause to be a little freaked out---

I didn't buy anything yet, but am tempted to get one of the above. I won't spoil the surprise (suprise? I dont' know) or really, I just don't want to look like a douche and not get the car I'm thinking of.

I'll keep you posted. As usual, stay tuned folks, my life is a highway and you can drive it with me all night long in my new ride.

*As of publishing time, the car is not officially totalled, but fuck, its a mess and there's a mysterious odour in there that I just can't put my finger on, thats gotta jack up the damage, eh?

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