Friday, August 11, 2006

Friendship Bracelets, the Unbreakable Oath

Last night was a night of nights... Michelle and myself were down at the Yard on Broadway having some drinks and telling stories back and forth having a good old time, eventually Lance came by, was a nice day. Little did we know that a few hours later we would be best friends forever. Skip forward to the end of the night. A couple of beer and the sexually charged atmosphere of the fringe... scratch the sexually charged part, I just like saying sexually charged... we were browsing some exquisite wares presented by the local freaks and hippies. We had a twenty dollar bill burning a hole in our pockets and were cruising for some homemade shit. We decided to blow it on booze but to our great fortune we had a toonie left over. Michelle and I headed back to this shady little shop with the incense and unwashed hobo and purchased two friendship bracelets to immortalize our eternal bond as BFFs. Of course as we head back into the beer gardens Lance felt a little left out... so we decided to get him one too. However, we had recently made the aquantaince (I can't fucking speel) of two luscious geriatrics named Flora and Georgia. Now Flora was a nurse at RUH and Georgia... I can't remember cause her story was significantly less interesting. Anyways, they commented on our awesome bracelets, which in hindsight I believe I asked "Hey, check this shit out, we're BFFs". So... long story short, we bought them some too.

Now there are five people in our awesome circle of friends, and I know you're all wishing you had been there.

These bracelets are fucking ugly and it sort of itches, but I guess it represents my friends. Ha.


Anonymous said...

So, I am the infamous Michelle from the best friends forever club. Mike and I have decided to tattoo our bracelets on so that everyone knows that we are the best of friends. Actually to be completely honest we are the best of chums. I had an awesome night hanging out with da boys and can't wait til folk fest next week.
best chums forever, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Who is this 'Lance' character you speak of?