Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Active Ignorance

This morning at work the first customer of the day couldn't have any dumber if he had been the offspring of Helen Keller and Terry Schiavo (thats right, Terry Schiavo jokes are still funny, if anyone remembers her). He approaches the drop off counter and begins to talk to my boss, Marcie. He says to her he says "I need my pills" like they always do. She says 'Which ones?" and so on and so forth.

Finally we, the listener, come to the conclusion that this man is out of refills and therefore must talk to his doctor to be reevaluated on his condition for which the medication is being prescribed. He says "Fax my doctor". Marcie replies "We no longer do that unless its an emergency because it compromises patient care. The doctor must reevaluate you to make sure what he has prescribed is working effectively." Details emerge that this man has only had this prescribed once since the dose had been changed and therefore more than likely should see his doctor to make sure that he's okay at said new dose.

The man continues to argue that he doesn't have to see his doctor, that we should do this for him. Marcie continues to say that although she might do it this once for him (yes, she caved... but she's a woman and they're emotionally weak creatures) she will not do it in the future and that he must be responsible to get to his doctor. The man decides he's had enough and shouts at her "Are you done with the lecture? All I want is for you to get a new prescription." Marcie responds "I'll be finished when you understand why I'm telling you this." to which he replies "I'm tired of listening to you" and walks away.

Needless to say he got his drugs, but what a fuckin' stupid old goat. I hope he chokes on his pills. Just kidding, that would be tragic.

In hindsight, that was a boring story... one of those 'you had to be there' things. Sorry if you've read this far, thats a part of your life you'll never get back. SUCKA.

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