Thursday, August 31, 2006

School Supplies... check

Went on down to Staples today to pick out some shiny new school supplies. The usual binders, pens, paper, etc. I'm a bit of a stationary snob and decided to proceed with my usual moderately priced, quality binders. They smell awesome... new binder smell - if only it came as a fragrance... damn would I douse myself in that shit every morning.

When it came to pens, however, I couldn't find my high quality writing sticks that I've become accustomed to. Although I can't remember the name, they were blue, clickable type, with a soft grip on the end and a smooth writing tip. They were heaven in my fingers as they converted my thoughts into words... delicately recording notes for future reference. But alas, I had to settle on an 8 pack of BIC Atlantis. The package states that they are 'super smooth', which I guess I should like, since so am I... but I'll keep you posted as I'm sure that you will be deeply concerned about this issue.

Moving right along here, I found my all time favorite little supply - the Post It flag. It keeps my therapeutics notes neatly organized and easily referenced for midterms... when I keep up with it.

So, there you have it - I'm all organized for the upcoming year. Now you are informed, and probably bored to fucking death, as am I, which is why I wrote this.... apparently it didn't unbore me. I need a drink.

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