Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pharmacy Joke

Three pregnant women are sitting in their gynecologist's office waiting for their appointments. They are each knitting a sweater for their baby. The first woman opens up her purse takes out a tablet and swallows it. The other women ask, "What was that?" to which she replies "Folic acid, its good for the baby."

The second woman opens up her purse and takes out a tablet. Looking at her fellow waiting room friends she says "It's calcium, its good for both the baby and me." The mothers to be return to their knitting.

Some time later the third woman picks up her purse and pops a pill. The other ask her, "What was that, minerals? vitamins? supplements?" To which she replies "No, its Thalidomide... I'm terrible at making sleeves."

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

We're heading to Las Vegas for one last break before I convocate and have to hit the daily grind at the Drugstore. I've never been to Vegas before, and actually haven't been to the US since I was four and took a weekend trip down to Minot, North Dakota. Although that was the pinnacle of my existence up until now, it shall be replaced with the Vegas adventure.
We'll be staying in the fabulous Stratosphere hotel for four nights. The hotel has the tallest observation tower in the US or some stupid thing like that... but on top, there's rides and shit. I'm pretty excited.

Also, I'd like to see Wayne Newton, because look at him, he's freakin Wayne Newton. I don't actually know any of his songs, but I've always identified him as being from Las Vegas. I'm hoping to get a picture with him, or Celine Dion, maybe both of them, in a headlock. Yeah, that'd be sweet.

We're also going to a Cirque Du Soleil show "Ka" (although I think there's some weird French accent in there, but I don't want to put it in). No experience with this 'circus' but I'm sure it'll be a memorable experience.

I'm hoping there's hookers too... lots of hookers.

And... is there anything I absolutely must see? Let me know.


I've finished all the req's to be a pharmacist now. I really should be studying for my licensing exams (the dreaded PEBC/OSCE) but as per usual my hands off approach seems to prevail. Luckily for me Saskatchewan offers a conditional license, so failing won't hinder my job at all. Just kidding, I'm gonna kick ass on this exam.
Actually, for the past few days I was assessing the personal profile portion of the pharmacy entrance exam. To say that the submissions inspired me would be a lie, but lets pretend it did. As I finish up my univeristy degree these little whippersnappers (of which I'm sure 80% are older than me) are just trying to start theirs. I guess one could find inspiration in that, so I'll be that person for today. Maybe its the sunshine, or the LSD, but I'm just kind of in a good mood.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

In Response to "Rambling Dave"

I figured it was time for an update despite my impending exam this afternoon. Rambling Dave apparently commented on my last post and I figured this would be a good topic for a post. I copied and pasted it here for your reading convenience:

Rambling Dave said...
Mike,I was refered to your blog by a listener.Three thoughts for you (although, I am an ass clown so it seems unlikely that you will give them much consideration)... (1) I am not anonynous when I sling it.(2) There is an off button. (3) You will have more impact with less vitriol. Radio is a funny business. It's free to the user. But, I think that because it's music which tends to be very personal people get really worked up about it. If we are not to your taste, don't listen. One of the problems in a community the size of ours is that there are not enough radio stations to serve everyone's taste.Regards,Rambling
5:58 AM

And here is my response:

Rambling Dave, although I think you are an ass clown I will give your comment due consideration as I'm always considerate of my readers, yes, all five of them. Anyway, I find your comment to be a little lacking in thought. First, I'm not anonymous and if need be I could 'sling' this publicly, I really think you are that unfunny. Although there is an 'off button' if you read earlier up in my post you would see that I don't have other listening options and as much as I hate to say it, you may be the lesser of the evils. No wait, thats not true, I just like to bitch. As for your third point I am not here to make an impact. I don't want you to lose your job or make some broad changes to Saskatoon's radio scene, this was just a rant on my little blog.

As for the limited options in such a small community, as you put it, I would point you to the radio stations in Regina which offer quite a diverse range of listening options. From the tragically unhumorous CC, Lori and Buzz to the antics of The Wolf and all the way down to the country spectrum, Regina offers many different types of shows and playlists. Further, according to the latest census Regina actually has FEWER people than Saskatoon! How could they have more radio stations if your argument is to hold water?

Clearly the only answer is that Saskatoon radio sucks. I don't enjoy your show and I don't think many people do, maybe you can do a Rambling Dave poll on that one. Either way, this was just a little rant on my little ol' blog, no need to get your panties in a knot.