Thursday, August 3, 2006

Veterinarians are crooks

I know that vets go to school for a long time and deserve the money they get for the services they provide... however, I find it a little offensive that I am required to pay 32 dollars for prescriptions for amoxicillin and metronidazole. These drugs should cost somewhere around 10 to twelve dollars maximum but my vet dispenses them himself with some ridiculous upcharge. YIKES.

Working as a pharmacy student I feel the need to question this practice and ask him for a written prescription to take my business elsewhere. I am then informed that there is a 10 dollar fee for writing prescriptions. What a joke. My dog's diarrhea had damn well better clear up... she's apparently eating capsules of diamonds wrapped in gold and platinum for that price.


Anonymous said...

Ya man
I have bad experiences everytime i go to the vet.
I also wonder if they even like animals. Because if they did they would make it al little easier on pet owners to pay for life saving treatment that would save a pets life. And prob cost vets little to nothing.
It actually makes me sick to think of it.
They dont give a shit

Anonymous said...

I too have burned by Vets. badly!

I seriously thought about publicly executing my 5 dogs in front of their office, to protest how crooked Vets are. (or at least, have become!) Then, I know I would be charged for Animal Cruelty (5 Counts) and in my state, = 25 years in the pen. I'll just stick to other means of exposing their bullshit charges. Greedy bastards profess to care for animals! BS

Anonymous said...

why in the fuck would you hurt your dogs to get back at a vet? why would a piece of shit vet care i you kill your dogs? i would beat the shit out of my crooked vet trust me if he gets hiss ass kicked a couple times esp if its by different people he wil change or he will quit ;) good luck!

Anonymous said...

I can see why these posts are Anonymous. What a bunch of terrible ill spoken individuals. Blogger should be ashamed of this.

Anonymous said...

Owning a pet is a privilege, not a right. You need to be sure you have the means to provide care for the life you have chosen to share. Vets are here to help. Equipment, medications, staff, and medical tests are NOT inexpensive. They need to charge appropriately so they can provide for their staff and themselves as well as cover costs associated with running a business. If you can't afford an exam, vaccines, and routine tests and medications, maybe you shouldn't own an animal.
Also, threatening violence against a person because they want money for services rendered is awful. And threatening to KILL you own pets as a protest is sickening! Shame on you. I feel sorry for your animals and your family. Would you kill you kids in front of your doctor's office if the copay was too high?! You people are sick.

Anonymous said...

What about people who are disabled, who have service animals and don’t have the means to pay exhorbitant vet bills?

There are people out there who adopt a pet who would be euthanized had they not given the animal a home.
Because they lack “means to provide care” they should return the pet for execution? You dumb fuck...

I brought my dog to an emergency vet in Daytona Beach, Florida. My dog had bloat, was made to wait almost 2 hours,
the dog died $1000.00 later after emergency surgery. We weren’t allowed to view her dead body until we paid the surgery fee.
She had bloodless incisions—they cut into her after she died, hence the 1-thousand-dollar charge.
After that they wanted to do a necropsy for more money.

Most dogs die 20 minutes after onset of bloat.

Veterinarians make the US human healthcare system look like saints.