Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hollywood's Homophobia

A really good article on CBC's website. It talks about the seemingly unending use of gays as the butt of blockbuster movies. Its not that I don't like the movies that they talk about. I laughed at Talladega Nights. I found it to be a bit overtly offensive on the gay front, but I found the redneck jokes to be hilarious. I guess its different strokes for different folks, but this is my point of view.

Read the link, its a good read.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mutherfuckin' Potholes

I was driving home from work today and realized that as much as I love spring, I hate seeing what the snow leaves behind. Dirt, gravel, candy wrappers and chip bags... and since I'm the west side, syringes seem to be common. My favorite, however, is the potholes.

So not only do I have to dodge the 'riff raff' ambling across 20th street on my journey home, but I have to swerve at the last moment to prevent my axle from busting in half. I see that the city has gone out and patched a few, here and there, but those are already coming undone. (Note: Egbert and 109th St.)

I stopped and took a picture this morning during my commute.

Honestly, I know that doesn't look like Saskatoon, but remember, its the west side.

Anyway, I really hope they clean up this place soon. We wouldn't want Nelly Furtado to get stuck in Saskatoon making this city all promiscuous.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eugenics Debate Pt. 2

Well that nasty little comment on how gay babies should be weeded out before they're born has had some backlash. Apparently the bigotted wacko's feel the need to remove protesters from their campus as well.

So much for 'starting a conversation' as he apparently intended to do. What a fuck head.

My favorite quote: "Mohler irked gay-rights supporters by asserting in a recent article that homosexuality would remain a sin even if it were biologically based"

Read on here:

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Johnny Lemonhead

That lemon headed wanker is up to no good again in "Bubbling Bilge Pump Bisque", a vintage RedMeat comic.

Reminds me of my my childhood as a young boy.


I came across this article about genetically selecting 'superior' offspring. If a 'gay gene' was identified and used as a basis to terminate a fetus, would people do it? Some religious fundamentalists would be huge proponents of this, depsite their rejection of abortions as an acceptable practice.

Now I'm not saying that I don't believe in God, in fact I do go to Church and enjoy doing so, but the religious fanatics that spend more time using God's name to hate really piss me off. One could say that their narrow minds are a disease, as they say we are. Anyways, here's an article you should read on the topic.


Just a shout out to my Lil' Buddy, Brendawg, in Winterpeg, Manitoba. She'll be doing her final SPEP there at some forensic something or other.

Good for her, eh?

Yet when my teachers do it, no one bats an eye

This in from Albania - teachers get drunk and do each other. Wow... I can't imagine what it would have been like if my teachers were doing each other... although they might have been a bit more pleasant.

This is hilarious:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Pharmacist Blog

I've been surfing around on the net a bit today and found this blog about a pharmacist in Texas. Has some good stories and perspectives. A good read.

Breaking News

So last night I heard some bumping around and figured 'enough is enough, its time to let that devil clown under my bed know that he doesn't control me any longer'. Down I went, into the dusty abyss under my mattress and wrestled for what seemed like days. The battle went one way and another, each of us scoring what woul dhave been, for a lesser man, fatal blows. By the early hours of the morning I emerged victorious and cast my enemy into the faint light.

I managed to snap a picture of the beast. Here he is, the devil clown from under my bed.

Judge says both parties in transvestite case have serious credibility issues

Another link from 'Diversions'. Sometimes I wish I would have pursued a law degree, being the judge in this situation would be the tits.

And as a final note on that... how do you have sexual relations with someone for 'many months' and get engaged and NOT know that you're sleeping with a tranny? Another reason you should always leave the lights on.

SkyWest airline apologizes to passenger forced to urinate in air-sickness bag

From the world of CBC's 'Diversions' listings... a man was told that he couldn't use the onboard bathroom and ended up peeing in an air sickness bag.

Lets just hope to God that there wasn't turbulence. Nothing worse than sitting behind that guy and getting your feet wet.

"I don't like taking pills"

This might be my all time, most hated quote from patients. Especially when I was working at the cancer centre. These people are being pumped full of poison that is pushing them towards an inch of their lives - naturally you will feel like shit for a few days. When I offer you some way of preventing the nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and heartburn that will surely ensue, don't tell me that you 'dont like taking pills'.

Case #1 - A patient comes in for her third round of chemo and I go in to drop off her steroids to prevent her from becoming a human fountain a few days later. I then ask her how her last round went. She says that she did, in fact, become a human fountain and could hardly get out of bed. I asked her how she took her meds (a pharmacist trick to see if they listened to us time without being condescending). She replied, oh, I didn't take them, I figured I was on enough medication and didn't need to pop pills. She went on about how sick she was. If the cancer wasn't going to kill her, I would have. Anyways, I told her that if she wanted to feel better, she needs to take her meds that I'm giving her. Moron.

Case #2 - A patient came in for another round of chemo and ended up puking all over the floor before the drugs even went into her. This sometimes happens when people associate a certain setting with past nauseating experiences, which is why we gave her gravol, dexamethasone and ondansetron before she came in. She failed to take them of course, because she "didn't like taking pills". Argh.

Case #3 - This one is from community experience, and isn't so much a case as it is a collective observation. If you don't take your blood pressure/antibiotic/antidepressant pills you most likely won't get better. I know you sometimes can't feel the effects of too little blood pressure/antibiotic/antidepressant drugs in your body, but it does affect how you feel. Take your damn pills.

That pretty much sums up my rant for today. I figured since I'm staying home from work due to the flu I should do something pharmacy related... such as bitching. Cheers!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

And the winner is...

I know I said I'd declare a winner of the caption contest a while ago... but I'm lazy, wanna fight about it? Maybe later.

After searching hard (or hardly searching, eh? hah!...) I decided the winner is:

"You must be this handicapped to ride this attraction. "

by 'Barns'

Close runners up were Brendawg and DY... which evidently were the only other people to post.

It was a tough race I declare the winner and best of luck whenever I feel like posting another contest.

Oh, and here's your beer -

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I know its kinda late, but I'm wishing everyone a happy St. Patty's Day. It might just be the best darned day in the whole calendar, being as though its named after me... or my middle name. At least thats what I was always told. So, as you may have thought, Martin Luther King Jr. Day is NOT named after me, March 17th is! Got it? Good.

So how did I spend MY St. Patty's Day? In a very UN-Irish fashion, I worked. Later on I went to a home show down at Prairieland, which was entertaining. However, I seem to be ending the festivities off with the flu. And having the flu is balls. Absolutely no fun.

Summary: St. Patrick's Day, NOT Martin Luther King Jr. Day is named after me, and having the flu is balls. I hope you learned something today.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Today's Wacky World News

I was reading the good ol' CBC online today... when I should have been working on a dosage adjumtment chart for the cancer centre... but anyways, I came across this news article about a woman who had given birth and a few hours later attended a basketball game.

Now I know I'm not really a 'sports guy' but I fail to see how a game could be as important as the early life bonding that a mother needs to do with her infant. I'm shocked that she would take a neonate to a game.

However, despite my shock, I'm still delightfully amused that this article would make the national news. As effed up as this baby is going to be later on in life all I can say is Rock On Momma, Rock On.


SPEP - Structured Practical Experience Program.

Yep, I'm almost done 2 of 3 of my fourth year SPEPs. This week I will be wrapping up my fifth week at the Saskatoon Cancer Centre and I can't say that I'm not going to be a little disappointed. I really enjoy working at the Cancer Centre.

Over the past few weeks I've done everything from counsel patients on how not to get sick from their chemotherapy to feeling a patient's lymphoma tumor to see if it had grown (under medical supervision, of course). I participated in breast cancer surgery (actually scrubbed in and got my hands in there) and watched a stem cell harvest and transplant.

As my weeks ticked by I learned so much more than I ever thought was possible. Cancer is a huge array of diseases and there is so much we need to learn yet. There are many fascinating approaches to treating various cancers. Stem cell transplant was probably the most complex and involves boosting a patient's stem cells with drugs, sucking them out, destroying their bone marrow and then giving them their stem cells back. Its a lengthy and painful process and always leads to relapse... but we do it all the time.

My last week has culminated in the finsihing and delivering of my presentation on Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Induced Rash. I talked about a brand new side effect never before seen in anydrug therapy.

Although I have a contract in Regina for the next two years I think I'll keep my mind on this career path, there is so much potential.

Thanks for listening to me nerd out here.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bug Eyed Earl

I empathize with Earl's mother - I, too, am terrified of the devil clown under my bed.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Good Ol' SK

I came across this website that lists a bunch of Saskatchewan based blogs. Since I'm a whore for attention I decided that I must get listed. Anyways, his link is in the side bar and I'll post it here again, for all of your browsing pleasure.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Hilarious Video

I received this video from an elderly friend of mine. I thought it was hilarious and broadcasts a healthy message to all of us. Thats right, Asians are weird. Just kidding. We all need to exercise.

Anyways, watch the video, ok? Just do it for the children. Someone has to think about the children.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


What was Helen Keller's favorite colour?

Corduroy! (Kudos to Lance on that one)

Nipping it in the bud

It's about time this little phrase started getting some attention. We hear so much about how we're not supposed to use the N word or other racist or discriminatory remarks. And, I agree with that, but we often overlook the usage of 'gay' as a slam on people. How many times in a day do you hear 'that's so gay' or 'you're gay' as a way of making someone feel bad about themselves. What's so bad about being gay that it warrants people to use it as a derogatory term. You never hear 'you're so blue eyed' or 'you're so tall' as an insult, although these are qualities not unlike being gay.

Anyways, the usage of these terms can make it very hard for, especially young, people to look at their sexuality and live their lives honestly and openly. I think that this is one phrase teachers and society as a whole should crack down on.

Well, here's the link I was talking about. Although I think this case may have been a bit extreme, seeing as though they didn't seem to care about her Mormon beliefs being made fun of... its a start nonetheless.

100th Post Caption Contest Spectacular!

Welcome to post #100! Since it's inception "The Ultimate Guide to the Awesome" has been updated one hundred times with wit and wisdom from yours truly.

So, in the spirit of the celebration, I'm getting drunk.

..nOw Im' bcak... just kidding, that was stupid.

Anyways, I decided to have a caption contest for this historical post. And this time, I mean it... I need you to put down your innermost, darkest, deepest secrets into developing a thought provoking, world peace achieving comment. I don't care who you are (well, I do, don't get me wrong) or where you're from.... don't care what you do, as long as you... post a comment.

Seriously, I don't care how shy you are, I want to learn your opinions on this limbo-ing grandma.


Winner will have their name posted on my blog within two weeks (the length of the contest) and is eligible for a beer, purchased by me.

New Background

Not sure if you noticed, but I changed my background on my blog, here. Hope you like it. Keeping it fresh and real is my thing.
Keep on reading, my loyal fan base.

Millionaire Life

I regret to inform myself and my close family and friends that I did not, in fact, win the Millionaire Life lotto draw yesterday. I know I already put a down payment on that yacht and that I quit my job and bought a car. I know I already booked that trip around Asia... but I guess I'm going to have to return it all.

Thats right, no more gold plated plates to eat dinner from, no Dom Perignon for bathwater, and especially no hundred dollar bills on my toilet paper roll. I was reckless. I thought the lottery was my ticket to a life of luxury, but I didn't win.

I better go find a job now, I have a lot of things to pay back. Donations are greatly appreciated.