Sunday, August 6, 2006

Seriously... wtf?

What is wrong with my face? It has been almost 5 days and the swelling/bruising is still right there. I feel like a bag of shit... so much that I missed yet another day of work.

I went to the doctor and after a 3 minute highly in depth examination he decided that it must be an infection despite not asking me if I had taken antibiotics yet. When I volunteered to him that I don't feel infected, that I took penicillin and that the neck pain was muscle and not lymph nodes, he responeded that it was probably an infection.

He wrote me a script for clindamycin... a ten day course. Fuck that... I'm not taking that shit. No wonder bugs are so resistant to antibiotics.

Anyways, I'm still left with the question, wtf is wrong with my face?

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