Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The $300 T-shirt

Scott and myself headed down to ol' Winston's last night for a few refreshments and good times... what we didn't expect was to come home with our 50th pint prize... a Winston's T shirt.

A little background, if you will:

Picture this - a frosty February day, perhaps during winter break, Scott and I head down to Winston's for a pint or ten. We see on the table a little notice informing the patrons of the drinking establishment of the Royalty Club. This 'Royalty Club' rewards its members for drinking pints, martini's and something else, wine maybe. We instantly joined and by the end of the day we had reached our five pint Knighthood and qualified for a pint glass. Granted, I've stolen many pints from that bar in the past so this 'prize' was less than stellar. However, I was now a knight, so that made me feel pretty f'ing spectacular.

Flash back to the present:

So we believed we were somewhere around 50 points, (or pints, I guess) but were not exactly sure. We inquired with the waitress and it turned out I had somewhere in the high 6o's. We decided right then and there to bring home our tshirts, and I think we're Baron's now or something like that.

I'm proudly going to wear my shirt, which cost me... at ~6 bucks per pint... $300. Hope it fits well, ha.


Anonymous said...

So I figure you should wear the $300 tshirt with your BFF bracelet. You would look fantabulous!!! (thanks Brenda!)

Mike said...

I think the hideous purple/green/black would nicely match the Guinness symbol on my tshirt.

Thanks for the stylin' tips, yo!