Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pyjama Pants

I know I'm not exactly Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren... or maybe even a retail salesperson for these lines... but I do have one bone to pick with a certain fashion trend: Pyjama Pants.

I find it disrespectful for young girls (and even more disrespectful by older people) to head out of the house to do their shopping or whatnot in sleep pants... those sweat pant like bottoms with the plaid or hilarious cartoons on them. Are they seriously so fucking lazy that they can't put on a pair of jeans or cargo pants... or even a pair of regular jogging pants to head out? Is the world your living room? I think not.

I, for one, feel that its necessary to look half assed respectable when you leave the confines of your home. Not wearing a pair of decent pants is like not brushing ones teeth, or walking around in gotch. This is a disturbing trend and I'm tired of it. No one wants to see your underwear and regardless of whether you actually sleep in those pants or not, I don't want to be under the impression that those aren't clean. Put on some damned clothes.

God Bless the Sun

It finally warmed up! Well, I know its still minus 12 but at least my car will start if not plugged in overnight. (It's a diesel and needs warmth, its not just a pansy car). Although this little taste of warmth won't last, its brought to mind some of the wonderful things I can do in summer.

1. Run through the sprinkler in my shorts
2. Lounge outside with a book and a beer
3. Sleep with the window wide open, listening to the crickets
4. Get up and close the window cause those damned crickets are keeping me up
5. Realize I let a mosquito into my room while the window was open and now its buzzing in my ear
6. Get a sunburn
7. Spend weeks peeling and picking at my dried out, burnt ass skin.
8. Catch West Nile Virus
9. Mow the grass in 45 degree heat
10. Appreciate a dust storm.

Well screw that, bring on the blizzards and arctic temperatures... summer can kiss my ass.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Barenaked Ladies

Last night Lance and I headed out to Credit Union Centre to hit up the Barenaked Ladies concert. It was an awesome show with opening act Tomi Swick. Not really too familiar with him or his work but he put on a good show and I'll definitely be downloading some of his work. I'm sure thats what the point of the show was, for me to pirate his music instead of buying a CD... but what can I do as an individual?

Anyways, the Ladies played all the hits... Enid, If I Had a Million Dollars, Brian Wilson, etc. All in all the music was a good time.

Even more of a good time, however, was the moustachioed man in the row ahead of us. Not only was the moustache waxed at the tips and hilariously inappropriate, but he was wearing an old man sweater which I'm assuming was handed down to him by his grandfather, since I'm sure something that hideous hasn't been made in the past fifty years. It was, as I must say, fucking ugly. Here is something I found online that was the closest I could find.

This man actually looks like a respectable human being after seeing that facial hair tragedy yesterday.

I wish you all could have been there to see him. I really wanted to touch it, almost a sick passion.

Anyways, thats enough for now. Seeya!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Hilarious Videos

I decided to post a few hilarious pharmacy related videos. Yes, I know, some of you may wonder whats so funny about a profession that heroically saves lives day in and day out through pharmaceutical care and in depth medication management. I wonder sometimes too. But, here we go, two delicious videos for your viewing pleasure.

The first one was emailed to me by my friend Erika, from Stinkler, MB. Good find Erika.

It chronicles our societies over use of prescription medication. Hilarious.

The next one is set to the music of JT's "Sexy Back". For all of you non-pharm folk, Paxil is an antidepressant medication commonly referred to by its generic name, paroxetine hydrochloride. A happy little pink pill.


Friday, February 2, 2007

Pharmacy Blunder

It occurred to me the other day, much to my chagrin, that Hyzaar and Cozaar are the same medication, except that Hyzaar includes hydrochlorothiazide in it. I know the names are similar, but generally hctz combo products have the term '-zide' or '-etic' or 'plus', never a change the start of the word.

Upon discovering this tidbit of pharmaceutical knowledge I exclaimed it aloud to my coworkers in the dispensary. I'll never hear the end of it...

Yes, I'm aware that this is the nerdiest story ever, but even if one person understands where I'm coming from, and I'm looking at you, Brendawg... then my job is done.

Taco Stand

Relaying a story from the tech at work (referred to as MandKunt from here on in). Anyways, so MandKunt was talking about her boyfriend, as she's liable to do from one minute to the next and stumbles across a story from their days back in PA. Now PA has a fair number of natives, and this story was triggered from the sheer amount of riff raff that was pouring into our store on this particular day.

It just so happened that her boyfriend was out at the fair one summer when they decided to get some food. They walked by an Indian food booth and saw a sign that advertised 'Indian Taco's'. Not knowing what they were getting into, they inquired as to what was involved in said morsel. It turns out that its just a regular taco but made with bannock instead of taco shells.

As they turn to mosey on down the line, not keen on the bannock taco, an elderly woman working at the booth shouts out to them, in her all too familiar accent... "Hey white boys, you can come eat my taco anytime."



I was working at PS the other night with the younger, cooler pharmacist, Heidi when the subject somehow came across the movie Napoleon Dynamite. All of a sudden Heidi bolts off of her stool and hobbles to the computer (yes, hobbled, due to the bum foot she suffered from a broken perfume bottle at the gym, odd). Anyways, she's all excited and says "I have to show you a liger!"

I scoff and roll my eyes, thinking it would be some doctored photograph with the head of a lion and the tail of a tiger... but that would be a tigon, you idiot. To move the story along, she brings up this picture of a liger. I was as dumbfounded as you probably are right now... and if you're not... then what the hell is wrong with me? Anyways, here it is... pick your jaw off the floor, its disgusted to have your mouth open.