Tuesday, August 29, 2006

All Done Work

So I'm done work now and just bumming around home for the past few days. Life is great.

I've been doing pretty much nothing for the past few days except watching tv, bbqing, having some drinks and checking out the city.... its nice to finally get some time off from work.

Yesterday I went to school and bought some textbooks, spent 140 bucks, so wasn't too terrible, I guess. Decided to get a new dispensing coat too, not sure why, but I like how white and clean it looks... I'm pretty fuckin' professional now. Later on we went to Broadway for a Booster Juice and checked out the new river landing thing and then on to the Mendel to check out whats new... apparently art is weird and I just don't really get it.

Been a good time thus far, and I have a whole week left before I head back to the depths of Thorv, so I'm gonna squeeze every good time out of the next 7 days, you might be included, feel special.

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