Monday, September 18, 2006

Bacon Strips and Eggs...

Another picture here that makes me wonder how some people function in life. I like a game of strip Twister as much as the next guy, but when I get down to my skivvies I generally like to ensure that I've worn a pair that might be a little less disgusting than the man depicted in this photograph.

This man, I've decided to call Roger, has less than optimal social skills. I can only imagine that he was invited out of pity because the host felt bad for him and thought 'what harm can there be in inviting Roger?' Well, host, I'd like to show you what kind of harm has been done... that streak of feces across the ass of his tighty whities.

Looking at the others in the picture, it kind of looks like a loser fest anyways, but I think Roger here is in a class of his own. Everyone else came prepared to get down to it... boxer shorts, without excrement.

Final Tip: When attending a party where you will be in your underwear and especially if you will be in close proximity to others while bending over, it is ESSENTIAL to wear a CLEAN pair of underpants. 'Nuff said.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my dear Stuber.
You have made a huge error. Look more closely at the photo and you will realize that Roger is in fact a woman. Those are hanes her way white panties and those legs are most definately shaven. If you really start to examine the photo you will also discover cellulite. One last thing, naked twister usually has an equal ratio of males to females. There are 2 males in boxers and 2 females, including the babe with the shit streak!! Try not to make this mistake again,
PS. The pic might be of someone we know who is big into online dating!!!!