Friday, September 8, 2006

The Tale of the Jetta TDI

Back in July I smashed up my old car, a 1995 Dodge Spirit. The search for the replacement began in earnest last Friday when I picked up an auto trader. I found several cars to my liking but decided I liked a dark blue 2000 V6 Jetta the best. This car was loaded, heated leather seats, power everything, and drove so well I had wet dreams for the next few days. However, the private sale thing was kind of sketchy and the guy was a little tough to get a hold of, as he was out of town lots. There were other things with this car that made me a bit nervous, but damn, I was a mosquito to the zapper and I wanted that car.

Scene 2: I end up missing the banks closing time on Wednesday, as I had decided I was going to indeed purchase this car from 'Dennis'. I was kind of ripped at my misfortune but my sister decided to take me to a few different dealerships to look around, because apparently I had been a little impulsive in my desire for the first car I looked at. We eventually got to Saturn of Saskatoon down at the Auto Mall. We noticed a blue/green (name of color yet to be determined) 2001 Jetta TDI as we circled the lot. We got out to investigate and in less than 2 minutes a tall, strapping man named Trevor came out to see what the 411 was. Eventually I recognized him from a game of golf a few years previous when he had joined in with us at Wildwood. Anyways, I digress. Erin and I took the car for a little spin and I liked the feel of it. It wasn't as pretty as the V6 and sounded slightly rougher due to the fact that it was diesel, but it handled well and felt amazing on the road. It was about 4 grand more than the 2000 that 'Dennis' was selling and had more km, but it had some good service points and features that I really had to consider.

Scene 3: I had slept on the choices and woke up with the decision to purchase the dark blue car. The world was telling me to pick it. I had told Trevor that I would be back on Friday, however, to take a second look. Lance and I pulled into the dealership and I was ready to humour the salesman before I said no. As luck would have it I took it for a second ride and enjoyed the feel of it a little mor than the day before. We drove back to the dealership and were hit up with questions about the seriousness of my interest. I asked price, he said we'd talk. Still not sure if I wanted the car, I became quite interested in seeing how low I could get him to go, even though I'm sure the car was overpriced and that he had lots of room to negotiate. A half hour later I had talked over 3 grand off the sticker price and got him to throw in some tint and some minor cosmetic shit. We had a deal and I signed beside the 'X'.

Scene 4: As I headed out of the dealership to get some cash I let out a large breath and hoped I made a good choice. Then I realized I couldn't drive it right away and went back into the showroom to ensure that I also needed to register my car, fuck I'm stupid. Anyways, Lance and I hurried to the bank to get my cheque so I could drive my car home. All went well and we returned to pay for my car... MY CAR. It was exciting. I told Trevor he had just stole my car buying V-card. He laughed and said his wife would be impressed... jealous is more like it, ha. Anyways, I gave over the largest sum of cash I've ever seen in my hands to the financial dude, who was easily 20 feet tall if he was an inch. Scary mother fucker. Then it was off to Galon insurance to get my registration. We were there in short time and I registered the first vehicle ever in my name. The chick was quite dull and apparently didn't appreciate my sense of humour. I doubt she's ever gotten laid... what with her being so fucking ugly and all.

Back on the road we made a quick stop at the sevvy for some gas in the sister's SUV and a pair of toquitoes (it was almost 8 and we hadn't eaten yet... plus toquitoes are delicious). As we weaved down second avenue, busting our asses to get back so I could hop into my new ride we saw some riff raff (tanned cousin, brownitis, buck, whatever you want to call him) riding a bicycle with his head looking behind him. Also, a car was backing out ever so slowly. I saw it in my head before it happened and a 'oh shit' escaped my lips as the cyclist smashed into the back bumper and flew up on top of the back window. Hilarious. As grandad got out of his car to check the riff raff looked angry, what a douche. It was his fault. Anyways, no time to waste we chuckled as we sped up onto the freeway bridge and back to my car. Walking into Saturn for the last time that evening I shook Trevor's hand and he handed me the key. My KEY. My CAR. Fuck yeah.

Many more stories about my car to come, but thats the story of how I got my very first car. I know you'll remember it forever.

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3.14 said...

nice!!! congrats on the new's always a good day when you have your own ride!