Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Calendar

I just sort of cleaned up my office so I have a place to do some homework should the desire come over me to crack a fucking book. So far, nothing.

Anyways, I came across my wall calendar from this year (moved in in May an dstill haven't put it up, good investment eh?). It's entitled "Nuns Having Fun" and has a new hilarious picture of wacky nuns in crazy situations each month. They have little captions underneath to maximize the laughs, and boy, do they ever do the trick. For instance October (I know, I spoiled the surprise by looking) has three nuns sitting around a pub table eating. They all have pints (one of them is empty and the accompanying nun is making a hilarious face) and underneath it says "Ale Marys"... a hilarious play on words of the Hail Mary. Oh those nuns. I bet they have adventures at the convent that us regular folk could only dream of.

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