Sunday, September 3, 2006

Walk The Line

Although I've seen this movie before, I just watched it again on the Max free movie thing... which I love, I must say. Free movies, and HBO shows, hilarious.

Anyways, yeah, if you haven't seen it or whatever, watch it. I wasn't a huge Johnny Cash fan before I saw the movie in the theatres, but now I am. I'm sure that makes me a poser or some other wanna be type person, but he was a pretty cool guy.

Also on Max thing... Lucky Louie. What a hilarious show. Its an HBO show about this loser and his cranky ass wife and their ghetto apartment. Defiitely made me laugh. I haven't heard so many f-bombs and sexual depiction on tv for a while (discounting the Hustler channel I also get, hah). If you have Max, check this shit out.

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