Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Disgusting Update

It has come to my attention, and obviously some of yours, that the shit stained underpants belong not to a socially retarded man, but a less than hygeinic WOMAN! I'm just a bit more disgusted that a woman would have so little regard for her fecal contents and where they wind up... call me old fashioned.

Anyways, thought you'd like to know.

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brendawg said...

Dear Mike,
I appreciate your unique sense of humour, you are a shining beacon in my otherwise bitter and cynical life. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my bitterness and cynicism, but only you can tell the best dead baby jokes.
Once we are blog buddies, the pinnacle of awesome will be complete. I would tell Rachel to have one too, but she's slightly retarded that way. Which reminds me, you have to see the "Drunk Rachel in Vegas" video, where she explains Blood Orgies. Its a good time

Your Ray of Sunshine,