Thursday, March 1, 2007

Nipping it in the bud

It's about time this little phrase started getting some attention. We hear so much about how we're not supposed to use the N word or other racist or discriminatory remarks. And, I agree with that, but we often overlook the usage of 'gay' as a slam on people. How many times in a day do you hear 'that's so gay' or 'you're gay' as a way of making someone feel bad about themselves. What's so bad about being gay that it warrants people to use it as a derogatory term. You never hear 'you're so blue eyed' or 'you're so tall' as an insult, although these are qualities not unlike being gay.

Anyways, the usage of these terms can make it very hard for, especially young, people to look at their sexuality and live their lives honestly and openly. I think that this is one phrase teachers and society as a whole should crack down on.

Well, here's the link I was talking about. Although I think this case may have been a bit extreme, seeing as though they didn't seem to care about her Mormon beliefs being made fun of... its a start nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

god you're a fag

Mike said...

Thanks for reading, mom.

Lance said...

Oh look, surprisingly the idiot who called you a fag forgot to leave his/her name. Imagine that. Someone calling someone else down and not being mature enough to tell you who they are. Obviously not a friend of yours.

It's a good thing this person has correct grammar with "you're" or else I'd have something else to say. They do, however, forget that God is their superior. Maybe they don't think the same though, which is why they think they have the right of anonymously calling you a fag.

They're dumb.

But smart at the same time, cause you really are a fag. So what though? You are trendy and smart and clean and smell good. They're obviously jealous.

dy said...

Lance you are hilarious.
That was quite the vent
You 2 always brighten my day =D