Friday, March 2, 2007

Hilarious Video

I received this video from an elderly friend of mine. I thought it was hilarious and broadcasts a healthy message to all of us. Thats right, Asians are weird. Just kidding. We all need to exercise.

Anyways, watch the video, ok? Just do it for the children. Someone has to think about the children.


barns said...

A penguin was passing the drug store when he decided he wanted to go in. He walks in the door (ring ring ring, waddle waddle waddle) he waddles up to the counter and approaches the wet behind the ears Pharmacist, Mike. 'Can I help you Mister Penguin?'
'Yes, do you have any plums?'
'No, penguin, this is a drugstore.'
'Thank you.'
Awhile later the penguin passes by again and once again comes inside and approaches Mike. He waddles to the counter.
'Excuse me, do you have any plums?'
'NO, penguin, Mike screams, this is a drug store!'
'Very well then, thank you.'
'If you come back in here again penguin, I will nail your feet to the floor.'
'Oh... well, thank you'
The penguin waddles out the door.
Awhile later the penguin goes back into the store.
'Excuse me young man.'
'Do you have any nails?'
'NO! penguin, this is a drug store!!!'
'Oh, well then, do you have any plums?'

Mike said...

Well, not everyone can be a comic.

brendawg said...

I think plums, penquins and the Japanese Pharmacists Association should get together and make a commercial....