Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mutherfuckin' Potholes

I was driving home from work today and realized that as much as I love spring, I hate seeing what the snow leaves behind. Dirt, gravel, candy wrappers and chip bags... and since I'm the west side, syringes seem to be common. My favorite, however, is the potholes.

So not only do I have to dodge the 'riff raff' ambling across 20th street on my journey home, but I have to swerve at the last moment to prevent my axle from busting in half. I see that the city has gone out and patched a few, here and there, but those are already coming undone. (Note: Egbert and 109th St.)

I stopped and took a picture this morning during my commute.

Honestly, I know that doesn't look like Saskatoon, but remember, its the west side.

Anyway, I really hope they clean up this place soon. We wouldn't want Nelly Furtado to get stuck in Saskatoon making this city all promiscuous.

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