Saturday, July 15, 2006

Trip to Shoppers

My sister has a piece of apple stuck in her nose from my delicious apple crisp. It has been stuck there since supper and apparently pissing her off. We went down to Shoppers to get some nasal spray to clear it out and I picked up a magazine to read as well.

Everything went smoothly till we came out to the explorer to get ready to go. We had brought my dog along because she likes car rides. Anyways, she was sitting in the driver seat and when we moved her we saw the car seat was wet and it stank real bad. I think her anal glands released a bit of a present on the seat which is pretty gross but I'm sure she feels better.

So we're trying to determine whether or not its pee or some other liquid and my sister is looking down at the seat. I see off in the distance a broke ass looking lady walking over towards us... stumbling really. She's weaving while she walks and I'm hoping she isn't coming over, but my fears come true. I try to catch my sister's attention without announcing the strangers arrival but she is still caught up in the mystery of the wet spot on the seat. Suddenly the woman taps my sister on the shoulder and my sister jumps and I was pretty sure she was going to straight arm this elderly bag lady in the jaw. However, the mysterious woman hands her a card which probably stated her sob story, but my sister was visibly shaken (although I think the chick was blind or something sad, so she didn't 'visibly' notice) so she said something about not having any change and we took off.

I think the apple is still in her nose though, I'll keep you posted.

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