Sunday, July 23, 2006

My new vice

On Tuesday I had a day off and had a doctor's appointment and a massage... an hour long orgasm of a massage from the excellent hands of Chrystal at Central Ave...
Anyways, afterwards I was driving home and felt like I needed a vice... something classy to do with my time and something that would give me a satisfying taste experience. I went to Smoke and Ashes on Circle drive with the intent to explore my flavor options. The man behind the counter was a friendly guy who looked like he had had more than his share of years of smoking, if you can visualize what I'm trying to describe. He asked me what I was looking for and I said I was a pipe virgin and needed to be shown the ropes. He was helpful and directed me to a filter pipe which apparently prevents mouth burn. I picked one out and he said it was a good choice.
Next we moved on to the tobacco. He opened up the jars on the wall and let me smell them all. Some smelled pretty damn good but I had to narrow it down to one... I can't be rushing into it all at once, need to take some baby steps towards this new habit. I settled on an aromatic cherry tobacco and he gave me 50 grams, which is a lot more than I thought... I'm terrible at that sort of thing.
After I made my purchase I rushed home and entered flavor country. Still trying to get the hang of it, but the internet has a plethora of sites that teach one how to smoke a pipe... practice makes perfect.

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