Monday, July 24, 2006

My Dog Smells Like a Great Dane

It has been a long standing mystery as to what breed(s) my dog, Maddie, contains in her ancestry. When I first adopted her from the SPCA in April she was labelled as a Rottweiler/Shepherd cross. She did indeed look like a rottie, with the markings and was about the right size. As time went on, however, she began to grow... and grow and grow and grow. Now at 85 lbs and 10 months old, she dwarfs all rotties she stands beside. Plus, she's skinny as all hell and her face is kind of long, not like a rottie at all.

So, since she isn't what she seems, or seemed, there has been a lot of speculation. No wI don't know if people are familiar with certain breeds... but a few that have been suggested to me are : australian cattle dog, labrador retriever, border collie, short haired newfoundland (wtf..) and my all-time favorite, the Great Dane.

We were at Paws N Train for our weekly obedience lesson when one of the instructers came up to my sister, dog and I and said "I have to ask you a weird question, but can I smell your dog?"
My first response was "What the hell?" but then my curiosity took over and I allowed her to pick up my dog's scent. She inhaled a deep, sensuous breath and exhaled with her eyes closed... and then it came "Yep, just as I thought, she smells just like a Great Dane."

I was confused... this woman was saying my dog had a specific scent? I've heard that some breeds have a characteristic bark or walk, but scent? She continued on about how she raises Great Danes and how my dog looks just like one, with the noble head and peculiar way of sitting (she puts her ass on everything! the couch, my bed, she likes to sit with her feet on the floor and her ass on a chair or whatever). There really isn't too much more to this story, but I hope I got across my point that my dog smells like a Great Dane, cause check her out, apparently she does.

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