Saturday, July 29, 2006

Confirmed... my dog is a great dane

I was at petsmart today with my sister to pick up something for our neighbours who just invited us over for a drink/dog play date tonight. We thought it would be nice to pick up a toy or some treats for their dog. We decided on a chilly bone, because I love the one I have and thought they'd enjoy it too. A chilly bone... is a canvas dog chew bone that you soak in water or whatever and freeze into a cool little treat for a hot day, really a good invention.

Anyways, Petsmart has dog training there as well and as we're walking by I see a dog that has the same goofy ass walk as Maddie and looks, except for coloring, identical in everyway. I asked him waht kind of dog it was and before I finished my own inquiry I knew that the next two words out of this stranger's mouth would be "Great Dane". Still, the news was taken with a sigh of relief... the woman at obedience is slightly less crazy than once suspected. I was thrilled that I now had a breed to associate my dog with. No longer is she lost in the depths of the gene pool... she has a history, a lineage... of some sort. My dog is not just a regular mutt... she's a great danish mutt.

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Hey cowboy!

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