Thursday, July 20, 2006

Deep fried chocolate... a taste of Saskatchewan?

Went to Taste of Sask last night down by the river. It was pretty good and I had never been before so had to see what the big deal was all about. We decided that a deep fried Mars bar would be the best thing to have first and so we headed over to the Wingnuts booth to get one.

This calorie log looks like a corn dog with powdered sugar on it. The first bite was good, and the second... but then I started to realize what the fuck it was I was eating -- a melted chocolate bar wrapped in batter. I would have been just as satisfied to eat a stick of butter. This thing sat in my stomach like a brick and the thought of another one would have made me hurl. So, we moved on and had a bit of ginger chicken and finished off with some saskatoon pie. It was pretty good all in all.

The best part was this old dude dancing... I can't really describe it, but lets just say I couldn't take my eyes off his fresh, bold moves. Yuck.

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