Saturday, July 15, 2006

Day Off

I had today off of work from the Drugstore which was pretty good, needed a break. Caught up on a bit of sleep and some tv before my sister and I figured out what we needed to get some crap for the windows in the new house - I'm getting pretty sick of my neighbours catching free peeks of the goods.. they should pay like everyone else. Anyways, we get to the Home Depot and realize we forgot the measurements and the chick inside already gave us the low down on how she won't put up with careless shit like forgetting measurements. Consequently, we decide to come back later and I decide I need to get some sunglasses cause its fucking bright out here lately (summer's a real bitch) so we head to the ol' 8th street mall to go shopping. We went into one store to check some stuff out and I wasn't feeling particularly chatty, but the employees there were on me like flies on a dead kid... I know its their job but when I tell them I'm just browsing its not an invitation to continue to talk.

So I buy a new a bunnyhug, it was so soft it really lives up to the name, but unfortunately in the sweltering heat I can't quite bring myself to wear it yet, but one day I will experience the rush of wearing that thing.

We move on and head downtown to the mall there. I decided on getting a nice pair of spy sunglasses at about 150 bucks. I don't see the value there, but damned if I'm not in love with them. The chick working there was good too, she knew her shit, I love it when people at stores pay attention to me and help me get what I need, weird how those girls back at the other store got on my bad side, but thats how I roll.

Moving onto American Eagle I bought a few new pairs of underwear. I think I'm going to make a full switch to boxers from the traditional boxer brief. It may be a summer thing, but a breeze blowing up my pants is better than anything I can imagine. Airy, thats a word I like to use when describing the feeling in my pants as of the moment I put them on.

After that excursion I headed over to Sears cause I saw a sale on duvets... Now I never knew what a duvet was before I saw them in the flyer that appears on my doorstep 3 nights out of the week between 11 pm and 1 am but I was intrigued. So I inquired with my sister and foudn out she had such a thing and felt how soft it was. I don't want to insinuate that I need soft and dainty things next to my skin, but this thing is like hugging a silk bag full of kittens. I bought one and love it. More to come on the kick ass dreams I'll have in my new digs.

Supper was pretty good too, had some bbq'd pork chops with ginger teriyaki marinade and baked potatoes. Finished it up with some apple crisp baked by me, which was so delicious that I thought I would throw it up just to eat it again. I just had another piece instead.

That brings us to now, where my dog is staring at me, and walking around looking for shit to eat. I feed her and feed her but yet she always wants more. Big dog though, crowding 80 lbs now, and tall as a miniature horse. Love that dog, she's the smartest bitch in obedience class.

Probably enough for now, so read it again and digest the material in this post... savor it like my delicious apple crisp. There may be seconds coming soon.

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