Friday, February 2, 2007

Taco Stand

Relaying a story from the tech at work (referred to as MandKunt from here on in). Anyways, so MandKunt was talking about her boyfriend, as she's liable to do from one minute to the next and stumbles across a story from their days back in PA. Now PA has a fair number of natives, and this story was triggered from the sheer amount of riff raff that was pouring into our store on this particular day.

It just so happened that her boyfriend was out at the fair one summer when they decided to get some food. They walked by an Indian food booth and saw a sign that advertised 'Indian Taco's'. Not knowing what they were getting into, they inquired as to what was involved in said morsel. It turns out that its just a regular taco but made with bannock instead of taco shells.

As they turn to mosey on down the line, not keen on the bannock taco, an elderly woman working at the booth shouts out to them, in her all too familiar accent... "Hey white boys, you can come eat my taco anytime."


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