Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pyjama Pants

I know I'm not exactly Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren... or maybe even a retail salesperson for these lines... but I do have one bone to pick with a certain fashion trend: Pyjama Pants.

I find it disrespectful for young girls (and even more disrespectful by older people) to head out of the house to do their shopping or whatnot in sleep pants... those sweat pant like bottoms with the plaid or hilarious cartoons on them. Are they seriously so fucking lazy that they can't put on a pair of jeans or cargo pants... or even a pair of regular jogging pants to head out? Is the world your living room? I think not.

I, for one, feel that its necessary to look half assed respectable when you leave the confines of your home. Not wearing a pair of decent pants is like not brushing ones teeth, or walking around in gotch. This is a disturbing trend and I'm tired of it. No one wants to see your underwear and regardless of whether you actually sleep in those pants or not, I don't want to be under the impression that those aren't clean. Put on some damned clothes.


brendawg said...

personally I think that "sweatpant/pajama" material should not be allowed out of home/gym locations. Also, that any breaches of this rule should result in a swift and harsh punishment.

dy said...

I have to say that those that where the pjs out, are most likely not brushing their teeth either.
I work with one of 'them' at the cenn.

Mike said...

Thanks for making me feel even more uncomfortable amongst the unwashed masses.