Saturday, February 17, 2007

God Bless the Sun

It finally warmed up! Well, I know its still minus 12 but at least my car will start if not plugged in overnight. (It's a diesel and needs warmth, its not just a pansy car). Although this little taste of warmth won't last, its brought to mind some of the wonderful things I can do in summer.

1. Run through the sprinkler in my shorts
2. Lounge outside with a book and a beer
3. Sleep with the window wide open, listening to the crickets
4. Get up and close the window cause those damned crickets are keeping me up
5. Realize I let a mosquito into my room while the window was open and now its buzzing in my ear
6. Get a sunburn
7. Spend weeks peeling and picking at my dried out, burnt ass skin.
8. Catch West Nile Virus
9. Mow the grass in 45 degree heat
10. Appreciate a dust storm.

Well screw that, bring on the blizzards and arctic temperatures... summer can kiss my ass.

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