Friday, November 10, 2006

Midterms Suck

I've decided that midterms suck. Not that this is a stunning reveleation, I'm sure many people have reached this conclusion without a single ounce of my input, but there it is... midterms suck.

It just so happens that the next midterm I write on Tuesday, therapeutics, is the last of my undergraduate career. You'd think I'd be happy for this day to come and be eagerly studying to cram every last ounce of knowledge into my head to perform well on this final mid year evaluation. You would be wrong. I fucking hate every last minute of this studying and will find any excuse not to do it.

Top 10 ways to procrastinate:

1. Clean my bathroom - although this desperately needs to be done, it hasn't been until midterms come up.

2. Drink - getting a bit of a buzz relieves the stress of those unopened books on my mind. Playing drunk Balderdash is even more fun with even less book opening.

3. I'm bored with this, I think I'm gonna go watch a movie or get drunk.

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