Sunday, November 5, 2006

Caption Contest #2

Dear Fans:

Do you wish that you could share in my glory and feel the pride and sense of wonder that comes from being me? Well too fucking bad. A distant second, however, is to get your name on my site by participating in the second ever caption contest. Simply add a comment under this post regarding the picture that I have posted. Make sure to leave your name; 'Anonymous' is not allowed to claim any prizes. I'll rate them based on the results of my patented badass-o-meter. Participate or die bitter and alone.


brendawg said...

After a lengthy legal battle with PETA, Santa is forced to find new modes of present-delivery.

After the courts ruled in their favour, Ruduloph and his comrades bought a mansion in Malibu and are currently in negotiations with MTV for a new reality show.

RBarns said...

A rebel without a Claus.

You'd be jolly too if you knew where all the naughty girls & boys lived!

With gas mileage like this, who needs fucking reindeer.