Sunday, November 26, 2006

Destination: Cancun

It is now 20 sleeps or 'siestas' until I get to Cancun. For one week I will not have to:

1) Start my car in -20

2)Not get my car to start in -20

3)Scrape my windows or brush snow off my car

4)Bitch about the weather

5)Dig my balls out of my chest cavity after taking a short walk

6)Negotiate a sidewalk so I don't end up with a bruised ass or broken arm

The list can go on and on, but they all have one common theme... I am winter free for a week. Thats only the icing on the cake, however dear readers. This week on the beach will be a reward for four and half years of school (see previous post). Although it will be a great week, still will be something missing from it, I'm sure.

Not much else to say about that. I guess...

Check out this beach, that'll be where I get my drink with an umbrella served to me... while you freeze you ass off up here. Sucker.


brendawg said...

I hope it rains so much that you get washed away in a hurricane. Did I spell hurricane right? I hope you get washed away by a misspelled hurricane.

Have a great trip, Buddy!

Jen said...

my my my someone sure is bitter about the weather! hahhhaha

brendawg said...

I'm bitter about everything, its not just limited to the weather. I'm an equal-opportunity bitterness-est.