Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fourth Ever Super Fantastic Caption Contest Spectacular!

You know the drill. Get to it.

Grand Prize: A date with me!


brendawg said...

Pirate-maniacs arrested in bizarre animal cruelty crisis: Cap’n Sparky Spike-leg sues.

barns said...

This is what you get when you cross a dog with Johnny Depp.
"Terriers of the Caribbean."

(If I should be so lucky as to win, I tactfully decline the prize. What's second prize? Two dates? Third prize? A weekend and a bottle of Tequila? Wait a minute - I'll take the Tequila1"

barns said...

A one legged eye patch wearing Terrier walks into a bar. There sitting all by herself is a most beautiful French poodle. He doesn’t think she has seen him yet, so he removes his eye patch. It’s bad enough he only has one leg, but he knows he can fool her with his wooden eye.
But the beautiful French poodle has seen the one legged eye patch wearing dog and thinks to herself, this guys for me. I have a wooden leg tucked under the bar and I too have a wooden eye!
There’s a soft little jazz trio playing in the corner, so the dog, feeling his sea legs saunters over to the French poodle and in his best come hither voice asks her, “Care to Dance?”
She can’t believe this stud of a Terrier is coming on to her. She swings around from her bar stool, revealing her leg, stares deep into his eyes and says, “Would I! Would I! Would I!”
Incensed with her audacity he screams back, F*%#k you! Peg leg! Peg leg! Peg leg!!!

(Sad but true tale from the up coming film release: "Benji Returns From Rehab.")