Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Fire the Guns, Jose!

Well, I figure since I'm sitting around reminiscing about Cancun I should jot down some thoughts for my Mike-starved readers.

First off, never fly Sky Service. They stole 4 hours of my vacation that I'll never get back.

Now on to the positives:

1) It was warm and humid which was good for my ever sensitive skin... came back with a baby's ass for a face, minus the poo.

2) All inclusive is amazing - it lets you eat and drink all you want and no one really judges you for being a fat, white, obnoxious asshole. Add in some smoking and you have that episode of Futurama where Bender becomes human... seriously, its how I felt the first night. Two buffets open for the majority of the day and an all night sports bar to keep us going all night. It was paradise. Asking for 16 drinks may seem weird in Canada, but at the Riu Cancun they just ask how you'll get them all back to the pool.

3) Swimming is amazing. We went swimming at our beach, snorkeled, etc. We had beautiful pools that saw a few drinks spilled into them... and we hit up this awesome nature park thing where I had a near fatal encounter with an empty air tank (more later). Its awesome to get up close and personal with a sea turtle and almost touch a moray eel. Crystal clear, warm water... it was the best.

4) The Mexicans themselves. They are numerous and are really friendly. It was a great time riding the bus with all these Mexican construction workers getting off work. I felt like a big white giant. One dude was playing the accordian, hilarious. The markets were a different story with them selling everything in sight and ripping you off anyway they could.

5) The fishing. We caught 21 barracuda(s?). Those are vicious looking fish and fight like a mutherfucker.

Anyways, there's more, but I'm bored and should go soon. So I'll leave you with a few awesome pictures.


Lance said...

you are hot. just to let you know.

Lance said...

ya biatch. update this shit. hah.

Lance said...

seriously. what the fuck?

i'm getting a bit impatient. get on the writing. perhaps a note about regina or something and how wonderful it is? evidently going to be kick ass.

Lance said...

alright. evidently there's nothing to read here, so everyone can just move on to my blog to fulfill your reading cravings. that stuber kid is slacking.

does fulfill have two l's?