Friday, August 24, 2007

Tales From the Pharmacy

I've been doing a lot of relief work at different pharmacies lately and have come across quite a variety of people. This latest tale takes place in a very busy community pharmacy where the third year student was busting her ass trying to keep up with the mound of Rx's waiting to be done.

The phone rings, its a jack ass doctor calling in a prescription for one of his jack ass patients. (Actually it turns out she was a sweetheart of a patient, but the doctor, still a jack ass). The student answers the phone and states that she is a student, and assures the doc that she can take the Rx over the phone. When he tells her to just 'renew them all for a year' she asks which ones. He rambles off some list spoken in broken English with a thick accent and probably with his mouth full of Big Mac... cause thats how these doc's roll. We can tell that she's flustered by this crappy method of renewals but hangs up the phone and frantically goes through the profile trying to find out which ones he meant.

The other pharmacists and I hate this kinda shit... and decide that if he wants to renew his Rx's he can sign a piece of paper and fax it to us. We print off the entire profile and ask him to do exactly that... it turns out to be 7 pages long. Within minutes the phone rings again and I answer to a very irate doctor saying that he's exhausted with dealing with people who don't know what they're doing and he's irritated with having to do so much work. He states that our student was not vigilant enough and that she must improve her vigilance if she plans on getting ahead. I reply that his list was quite long and that we prefer to have them state each medication and directions before hanging up, you know, for patient safety's sake. Thats why we faxed it over, so we could be sure thats what he meant.

He said that the patient brought in a list and he just ok'd them, and that he wasn't sure what the list was anymore cause she took the list back. I then asked him to tell me again what meds he wanted her on to which he replied "How the hell am I supposed to know what she should be on?" and hung up. So much for vigilance.

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