Thursday, May 10, 2007


I've finished all the req's to be a pharmacist now. I really should be studying for my licensing exams (the dreaded PEBC/OSCE) but as per usual my hands off approach seems to prevail. Luckily for me Saskatchewan offers a conditional license, so failing won't hinder my job at all. Just kidding, I'm gonna kick ass on this exam.
Actually, for the past few days I was assessing the personal profile portion of the pharmacy entrance exam. To say that the submissions inspired me would be a lie, but lets pretend it did. As I finish up my univeristy degree these little whippersnappers (of which I'm sure 80% are older than me) are just trying to start theirs. I guess one could find inspiration in that, so I'll be that person for today. Maybe its the sunshine, or the LSD, but I'm just kind of in a good mood.

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Melissa Leib said...

Congrats Mike!! At least one of us made it!! I found out I am supposed to be an accountant. Wish someone would have told me that from the get go, would have saved me some time..