Sunday, December 10, 2006

Caption Contest #3

Now I know these haven't been very popular thus far, but I continue to try, oh Lord I try.

Anyways, I'm posting this and I better get some responses or I 'll be forced to come up with something hilarious to say regarding the picture myself... and I'm not going to pretend thats mustard!


Anonymous said...

looks like pablo here finger fucked donna while she had a yeast infection

Anonymous said...

Yeast Infection? I don't know, to me it kinda looks like a bad case of gonorrhea. And look at the pickles on the floor, couldn't have been donna she leaves no pickles

brendawg said...

Empleado del mes, Horhey Heraldo, inventa otra “salsa secreta”

Mike said...

In the lead so far, Brendawg. Nice touch using Spanish... gives it more of an exotic flavour, which
we can only hope is present as a nutty aroma in the 'salsa secreta'